The Configura Advance - Improve Posture and Pressure Care

The Configura Advance chair is a versatile and adaptable seating solution designed to cater to a wide range of user needs. Whether you’re looking for a chair for non-ambulant users, individuals with limited knee extension, or those with complex postural requirements, the Configura Advance chair has you covered. We’ll delve into the key features, suitable user profiles, and intended environments for this highly adaptive mobile recliner chair.


Adapting for Size on the Configura Advance

When assessing a user for the Configura Advance chair, it’s crucial to consider their size and body shape. Three key measurements play a pivotal role in ensuring a perfect fit:

  • Seat depth

  • Seat height

  • Seat width


Each of these measurements can be adjusted on the Configura Advance to ensure an optimal fit for a range of body sizes.

Pressure Care Considerations for the Configura Advance

Pressure care is a prevalent consideration for users who sit for extended periods. This is likely the case for many users of the Configura Advance. That’s why it has been designed with pressure care in mind. Notably, the Configura Advance chair features vapour-permeable fabric as standard on the seat base, legrest, backrest, and armrests, enhancing comfort and reducing the risk of pressure-related issues.

The Configura Advance has a unique seat cushion that allows you to customise it in three main ways:

1) Standard

2) Self-supply using your own cushion

3) Using OT-recommended pressure cushions that can be purchased with the chair or at any time.

The standard seat cushion on the Configura Advance is made from heat-sensitive memory foam that moulds to the user, providing maximum support and pressure reduction, making it suitable for users at risk of pressure damage.

Individuals with complex pressure needs often prefer to use their own seat cushion for added comfort and pressure relief. The Configura Advance integrates a self-supply overlay, making it easy to fit the user’s preferred cushion without complications.


This feature allows the user to optimise the level of pressure care using the CushionAir for Configura Advance.

The CushionAir is a dynamic pressure-relieving cushion recommended for users who have developed, are at risk of, or previously had pressure damage. The cells of the cushion inflate and deflate alternately, providing pressure relief via cyclic changes in loading and unloading.

A dial on the cushion pump allows the cushion to be adjusted from soft to firm. This setting is changed primarily in terms of comfort and is not purely based on the user’s weight.

Navigating through different spaces with the Configura Advance becomes effortless with the portable CushionAir pump. Enjoy the freedom to experience top-notch pressure care benefits whether you’re basking in the sunshine outdoors, engaging in community activities, socialising with others, or anywhere else – all without the inconvenience of needing to be close to a power source.


Posture Enhancement

Maintaining proper posture is essential for users with various conditions. The Configura Advance chair offers solutions to improve midline sitting with its tilt-in-space feature, potentially negating the need for additional lateral support.


The Standard Waterfall backrest features three cushions, offering customisable support with flexible arrangement options. Additionally, a variety of accessories are available to complement the standard backrest, addressing diverse clinical needs.

For enhanced postural management, the highly customisable Postural Backrest is recommended. This advanced backrest provides the utmost posture support, with all three pillows being adjustable in height, depth, and angle. The top two pillows also have adjustable side wings for additional side support.

For even further support, the Configura Advance accessories will provide customisation for various clinical needs.


Key Features and Benefits of the Configura Advance Chair

Unparalleled Tilt in Space: With an impressive 37 degrees of tilt in space, the Configura Advance chair allows for precise positioning, which is crucial in managing postural challenges effectively.

Enhanced Pelvic Stability: is ensured by the chair’s lockable backrest recline, which maintains maximum support. This is achieved by securing the backrest angle at the optimal position for the client, preventing any unintentional or undesired changes.

Effortless Adjustments: The ClickLock adjustment system sets this chair apart. It facilitates tool-less adjustments, saving both time and resources. Furthermore, its eco-friendly design aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainability by making recycling a breeze.

Configurability at Its Best: The Configura Advance chair boasts upgradeable backrest options, making it possible to adapt to a vast range of user needs. Even individuals with highly complex postural requirements can benefit from this level of customization.

Tailored Foot Support: A removable, angle, and height-adjustable footplate comes as a standard feature, offering clients personalized foot support for added comfort.

Comfort Meets Pressure Management: The chair comes standard with a comfortable and pressure-relieving foam visco cushion. Should the user prefer an air cushion, the chair provides the flexibility to integrate a cushion of the client’s or allied health professional’s choice, including the CushionAir. This integration ensures that the seat height remains uncompromised.

Streamlining Transfers: Simplifying transfers and sling insertion, the drop-down armrest option is a practical feature that enhances the overall user experience.

Forward Tilt Capability: In the electrically operated chair version, the forward tilt option is standard. This feature is especially valuable for clients who require precise control over their seating position.

The Configura Advance chair stands as a testament to innovation in healthcare seating solutions. Its adaptability, suitability for a wide range of users, and thoughtful design features make it an ideal choice for various healthcare environments. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, caregiver, or individual seeking comfort and support, the Configura Advance chair offers a reliable and versatile solution to meet your needs.


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