The best stylish hospital bed – For home, facility, and complex needs

No two people are the same. From our likes to dislikes, from sense of style to physical traits, we all experience the world through a different lens. Despite this, there's a daily activity we all participate in - sleep. Though many of us wish we got a little more, we average at least a third of our lives in bed. With this is mind, we can begin to understand the importance of having a bed that is right for our needs and something that we look forward to each and every night.

Considering our differences, assuming one bed suits everyone is almost laughable. It seems rather odd to picture the NBA's tallest player sleeping in a standard single bed. So why do we make these assumptions when buying a bed for ourselves?

Highgate Healthcare, a leading healthcare provider in Adelaide, has taken this very idea and created The Empresa Bed Series. One bed frame which can be configured a variety of ways to create a specific bed for individual needs. This series has also taken into consideration the importance of having a bed that reflects your personal style. That's why each of the Empresa Configurations can be customised to suit your home or facility. It's essential to have a welcoming bedroom that invites a relaxed feeling to those who enter. This is goal for the Empresa bed, all while providing the highest level of clinical functionality.

To ensure that all your clinical needs are being met, each of the Empresa Configurations have the following clinical functionality:

1. Comfort and Pressure care

Comfort is high on the priority list for everyone and is especially important as we age, or our mobility becomes limited. The dynamic BodyMove™ system helps to form part of your first line of defence against tissue damage from pressure related injuries.

When moving from a supine to sitting position in bed, the body naturally lengthens. Empresa's BodyMove™ auto-regressing feature accommodates this change, so not only does it help with pressure distribution, it helps improve comfort too. It's the regression distance which is clinically designed to redistribute pressure and sets apart the Empresa from other adjustable beds on the market.




This bed positioning, where the head and feet are elevated, is commonly known as zero gravity or zero-G; it's quickly becoming a widely used sleeping position because of the amazing benefits it can bring to the user:

  • Minimising pain

  • Reduce swelling

  • Breathing easier

  • Improved heart health and digestion

The article, 'The benefits of sleeping in zero gravity' dives further into why this position can be so beneficial for your health.


2. Ergonomic Handling

Simple operation of any healthcare equipment is essential for a comfortable and stress-free experience. That's why it was important to include an easy-hold handset with a simple one-touch operation. It activates pre-programmed care and comfort positions, as well as other profiling options. With safety top of mind, there's a lockout function to prevent unauthorised and inadvertent use, as well as an auto safety stop, inhibiting the bed from being lowered to below 200 mm.

Helping ensure effortless manoeuvrability and even greater levels of safety, the Empresa bed also comes equipped with eight castors and the UnisafeTM braking system. Moving the bed around the room couldn't be easier and it takes only a single press of a pedal to secure each set of brakes.

Empresa-Functionality - Handset bed positions and castors

3. Ultimate flexibility

We've already mentioned that the Empresa bed is fully customisable. This built-in adjustability provides the option to vary dimensions and a wide range of universal accessories allows you to utilise your assets fully, even when the profile of your resident changes. Combined with less risk of downtime, streamlined procurement and reduced training needs, the Empresa bed deserves a closer look.

Clinical functionality supports nursing care when needed, with full height adjustment for caregiver safety - all packaged in a choice of eye-catching and bespoke designs to help showcase your home.

Empresa width, height and length adjustments

Now that we know more about the main functionally of the bed, we can show how each configuration in the series is customised to individual situations. The Empresa Series is comprised of three bed configurations and purchased pre-configured as your chosen bed.


The Empresa Home Care Bed

Designed to be the perfect addition to your bedroom at home, choosing the Empresa Home Care Bed means you don't have to comprise between style and functionality.

The Empresa Home Care Bed includes all the functionally mentioned in the first section of this article with the addition of sleek accessories to create an inviting, homely feel.

The Home Care bed has two main style options to choose from:

The Alexander

This stylish design channels modern chic with its quilted inspired headboard. The textured upholstery in Dove, removes any clinical and sterile feelings usually associated with hospital or nursing beds. We are so happy to be able to provide this option to our customers because it's at the heart of what we do at Highgate Healthcare, raising the standard of living for South Australians.

Empresa-Alexander style bed

The Bento

This crisp, white finish brings a modern Scandinavian feel to your home. Any bed coverings will complement this modern headboard, making the bed a stylish addition to any bedroom. The white gloss finish of the bento option provides a high level of wipe-ability and is easy to clean and sanitise; perfect for users with incontinence or are likely to be eating and drinking from bed.

Empresa Bento style bed


There are a wide variety of accessories available for the Home Care Bed to create an even greater level of customisation and personalisation.

Lifting pole - an option available for those who require extra assistance to reposition or get in or out of the bed. The addition of the overhead accessory can provide further independence for the user and can help to improve quality of life. It has a wide base for stability and user safety. The lifting pole also attaches to the bed frame for added security and to ensure clear floor space beneath the bed, enabling the easy use of other equipment when needed.

Bed lever - the bed lever is an assistance tool which helps users get in or out of bed or to help reposition. This however is fitted to the side of the bed, meaning there is no need for the user to reach above their head, like they would if using the lifting pole. The bed level can also assist with patient transfers.

Folding side rails with bumpers - This accessory provides a level of safety for people who have a high falls risk or have spontaneous, involuntary movement. This can provide piece of mind for users and create a more relaxed environment and sleeping experience.

Width extension - The accessory allows you to extend the width of the bed, making it suitable for individuals who need or prefer a wider bed, and allows the use of a wider mattress. The adjustment kit adds an extra 1050 mm to the width of a standard bed.

Empresa Long-term Care Bed

With Floor Bed Technology

Designed primarily for nursing homes, residential care and other long-term care facilities, the Long-Term Care Bed considers the importance of functionality in the facility setting without compromising on style.

The Long-Term Care Bed has all the functional listed at the beginning of this article, but also has an additional feature, the Empresa Floor Bed technology.Empresa-Skandi style Long-term care bed

Proven solution for falls management

The risk of serious injury from a fall is a scary reality for many people in residential care. With falls the leading cause of death and series injury in older people, the Empresa's Floor Bed technology provides proven effectiveness in the management of bed falls and prevention of associated injuries. Height is a crucial factor in bed selection; the impact force of a fall from a bed at 100 mm is 50% lower than at 200 mm.

The Empresa Long-Term Care bed lowers to 100 mm from the ground, which significantly reduces chances of injuries as well severity of injury. This has potential to dramatically increases quality of life for high falls risk residents.

Are you looking for additional solutions to combat falls in nursing homes and residential care? Non - slip socks are an essential falls prevention tactic.

Another great benefit from the Floor Bed technology, is the level of configuration it has for bed positionings. This adaptability can help residents regain their independence in a variety of ways.

An example of this, is for people who have trouble lifting their legs into bed. The Floor Bed technology allows lowering of the foot end in isolation, so that when a user sits on the end of the bed, they can swing their legs on the bed in the lowered position and use the easy-hold handset to raise the bed back to a level position. As the bed is much lower to the ground, it becomes an easier action to perform. This is a great solution for people with low hip or knee mobility.



Accessories for the Empresa Long Term Care Bed include:

  • Lifting pole

  • Bed lever

  • 1050 mm width extension

Empresa Complex Needs Bed

With Floor Bed Technology

The Complex Needs Bed provides the highest level of safety and care out of all the beds in the Empresa Series. Designed with all the features of the Long-Term Care, its point of difference is the full-height padded side rails.


The fabric full-length side rails can be used to help create a safer environment for the bed user and come standard with the Empresa Complex Needs Bed. They have an easy lock and lower mechanism, that locks securely in position and the integrated padding acts as a bumper. The side rails do not impede transfers, as they lower to below the height of the mattress.

The bed has been designed for people with complex needs such as Huntingtin's disease or other conditions where people may be prone to uncontrolled movements, increasing their falls risk.

The Empresa Bed Series couples well-researched and engineered clinical requirements with carefully considered style and design to make it a standout in the high-care beds category. There are many different options, giving you the power to make your own design choices. For more information or to book a showroom or in-home trial please contact the lovely team at Highgate Healthcare on 1300 350 350. Or email us at