About Disabilities

Disabilities are caused by a range of factors including accident, trauma, genetics and disease and many Australians have some form of disability. In fact 20% of Australians live with a disability, including 40% of those aged over 55.

Highgate Healthcare provides a wide range of products and services for healthcare professionals working with Australians with disabilities. This includes products for residential care facilities and in-home support. With more than 6,500 products to choose from, we source the best and more innovative products from around the world.

We are able to provide healthcare professionals with individual products or complete fit-out packages, and our team of experts is able to provide recommendations on the best products for each circumstance. We also provide training and ongoing product maintenance.

“Disabilities can be temporary or permanent, and vary significantly in their severity. All of our products aim to improve the standard of living for people living with disabilities, regardless of the nature of their disability.”