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For many years Highgate Healthcare has been a leading provider of ceiling hoists installations.

Our systems are extremely flexible and are designed to meet the individual needs of the client and protect the healthcare teams caring for them. Choosing the right ceiling hoist system is a complex procedure and our team provides this comprehensive service.

Highgate Healthcare not only has expansive knowledge of the different products available, but also the expertise to guide you through the whole process from the early planning stages right through to training and support once the system is installed and ready to use.

While the needs of the disabled and their carers are paramount, consideration must also be given to the possibilities of architecture and the limitations of installation in various plans. We have worked with hospitals and residential care facilities on new build projects and renovations to existing buildings. We also provide training and ongoing product maintenance.

“We have worked with many healthcare providers over the last 30 years to design the right solution. There has been a lot of product development in this area and we have the experience to ensure you get the right solution which provides lasting value.”

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