The benefits of sleeping in zero gravity

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Zero gravity – It sounds out of this world, right? What if we said you can experience the feeling of zero gravity in the comfort of your own home? The feeling of weightlessness seems rather unachievable to us here on Earth. But, with the right bed, it's not so hard to fathom. It's what's known as the zero-gravity bed position.


What is a zero gravity sleeping position?

In general, we know what gravity is: the invisible force that holds everything to the earth. The absence of gravity would have us feeling rather weightless. Sounds like a pretty good feeling! We can achieve this by choosing a bed that can replicate this feeling via its positioning. A zero-gravity position is a specific reclining position designed to simulate the feeling of weightlessness or zero gravity experienced by astronauts during space travel. In this position, the body is typically reclined with the legs elevated slightly above the heart, and the upper body elevated as well, creating a gentle "V" shape.

What are the benefits of sleeping in zero gravity?

Although gravity has its benefits when helping us nod off to sleep, it does take a toll on our bodies over time. This can include aches and pains, and for people with little to no mobility, pressure wounds are a serious concern. Finding a position that can relieve some of these ailments can increase our quality of life. Here are the benefits of the zero-gravity position:

Minimises pain

By aligning the spine in a neutral posture, the zero gravity position effectively alleviates back pain through the even distribution of pressure across each vertebra. When we lie flat, our bodies' natural contours mean that not every part of our body makes contact with the bed, potentially leading to increased pressure on the muscles that do. In contrast, zero gravity eliminates the sensation of body weight, thus providing relief from the muscle discomfort often associated with sleeping in a flat and unsupported position.

Reduces swelling and oedema

Oedema, characterised by the accumulation of excess fluid leading to swelling, commonly manifests in the feet and ankles and can stem from various underlying factors, such as congestive heart failure, obesity, diabetes, or extended periods of inactivity. When adopting the zero gravity position, the legs are elevated to promote improved circulation throughout the body. This elevation contributes to the reduction of swelling and potentially lowers the risk of additional complications.

Breathing easier

Lying in a flat position can make breathing more challenging, especially for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions, including sleep apnea and asthma. The zero gravity position raises the chest, so the lungs have reduced pressure, which helps to open up the airways and create better breathing habits.

Improved heart health

Poor and unaligned sleeping positions can apply more pressure to the heart. The zero gravity position creates a stronger blood flow, relieving pressure from the heart.

Improved digestion

Maintaining proper posture alleviates pressure on the digestive tract, facilitating the smoother passage of food from the oesophagus into the stomach. Adopting the zero gravity position can effectively mitigate instances of heartburn and indigestion.

This article has only mentioned the medical benefits of the zero gravity position. Many lifestyle benefits make this position a real life changer for so many people. It can help relax you before sleep and remove the struggle of using pillows to change your position.


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