The Best Pressure Relief Mattresses for Hospital and In-Home Care

When caring for patients in hospitals, residential facilities, and in-home settings, it's essential to prioritise pressure care. Pressure injuries, often referred to as pressure ulcers or bedsores, are a significant concern for individuals with limited mobility or those who spend extended periods in bed. These injuries can lead to discomfort, pain, and complications that impede healing. Choosing the right pressure care mattress is crucial to prevent and address pressure injuries effectively.

What causes pressure sores?

Pressure injuries occur due to sustained pressure on specific body areas, typically over bony prominences like the heels, sacrum, and hips. This constant pressure reduces blood flow, leading to tissue damage, skin breakdown, and the formation of painful wounds. Factors such as immobility, poor nutrition, moisture, and friction can exacerbate the risk of pressure injuries.

Pressure Ulcer Stages

The importance of selecting an appropriate support surface

An essential step in preventing pressure injuries is selecting an appropriate support surface. The optimal pressure care mattress helps distribute pressure evenly, reduces friction and shear, and allows for proper airflow to the skin. These features are crucial in alleviating pressure, promoting blood circulation, and preventing the development of pressure injuries.

The role of pressure care mattresses

Pressure care mattresses address the needs of patients at risk of or already suffering from pressure injuries. These mattresses offer advanced features that promote wound healing, pressure redistribution and optimal comfort. Let's explore some of the best pressure care relief mattresses available for both hospital and in-home care.

Best pressure care mattress for people who have a high risk of developing a pressure wound

For people who do not have a pressure sore or are at a low to medium risk of developing one, the best mattress recommendation is a pressure-relieving foam mattress. These mattresses contour to the body's shape, reducing pressure points and promoting even weight distribution.


The OSKA Fika is an outstanding specialist foam mattress for preventing and treating pressure damage up to and including category 2. With official statistics showing that 85% of pressure ulcers are category 1 or 2, this innovative mattress will help dramatically reduce the need for air mattresses.

The OSKA Fika has some incredible features, including the Offloader Function, which suspends the heel for zero pressure, making it suitable for treating pressure wounds of up to category 4 in that area. The mattress cover is made from 4-way stretch, vapour permeable fabric for optimal hygiene. The high-quality foam provides the ultimate comfort for the user while evenly distributing pressure to help prevent the development of pressure injuries.

Oska Fika mattress

Best mattresses for pressure 3 and 4 category pressure wounds.

People at high risk of developing a pressure wound, with a history of wounds or an existing wound, will need a high-care alternating air mattress to provide the best pressure redistribution and care.


The OSKA Alto is an alternating air mattress system specifically engineered to prevent and treat pressure damage up to category 4. This exceptional air mattress is meticulously crafted with precision and offers unparalleled support and comfort to patients in healthcare facilities or their homes.

The alternating air mattress boasts a unique cell configuration. The upper cell section provides alternating dynamic pressure therapy, effectively relieving pressure and improving circulation. Simultaneously, the lower cell section remains static, delivering stable support and positioning.

The OSKA Alto mattress features an outer cover made from bi-elastic polyester, a unique vapour-permeable material with elastic properties. Designed with user comfort and well-being in mind, this anti-shear material allows for interface movement, effectively minimising the risk of shear damage.

Equipped with an intuitive pump, the OSKA Alto mattress ensures unmatched convenience. The pump has clear displays for weight and alternating cycle settings, making customisation effortless to suit individual patient needs. Additionally, the pump includes a nursing mode, which creates a firm surface for sling use, dressing, transferring, etc., and an anti-deflation power cut mode, ensuring continuous comfort even during unexpected power failures. Both patients and healthcare professionals appreciate the pump's quiet operation.

Oska Alto

Enable Lifecare Aria+ Hybrid Pressure Care System

The Enable Lifecare Aria+ is the ultimate pressure care system. The hybrid mattress is made from high-quality pressure-relieving foam and the latest air cell technology to create the highest level of pressure care whilst ensuring the client is comforted and supported.

A defining feature of the Aria+ mattress is its ability to function with or without a pump. Patients with category 1 or 2 pressure wounds can use the mattress without the pump. Patients with pressure wounds in categories 3 and 4 can attach the pump for the highest level of care. This function makes the Aria+ perfect for hospitals that need to cater for different patients. It is also the ideal solution for patients in in-home care to adapt as the patient's needs change.

Aria+ Pump and mattress

Selecting the right pressure care relief mattress is essential for promoting comfort, preventing pressure injuries, and supporting healing. The OSKA Fika, OSKA Alto, and Enable Lifecare Aria+ are among the best mattresses available, offering innovative features that cater to the specific needs of patients in hospitals and in-home care settings. Effective pressure care management is crucial to overall patient care, ensuring enhanced well-being and faster recovery.

By investing in high-quality pressure relief mattresses, healthcare professionals and caregivers can provide optimal support, comfort, and healing for patients, promoting a better quality of life and reducing the risk of complications associated with pressure injuries.

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