Enhancing Pressure Wound Care Through Electric Recliner Chairs and Pressure Care Cushions

Pressure ulcers, commonly known as bedsores or pressure injuries, can significantly affect a person's quality of life. This article looks at the risks linked to extended periods of sitting and how high-quality seating and pressure relief cushions prevent and treat pressure ulcers. We'll explore the correlation between prolonged sitting and pressure ulcers and examine how electric recliner chairs and pressure care cushions are designed to address these challenges.

The Impact of Pressure Ulcers on Quality of Life

Recent research by Roussou et al. (2023) underscores the harsh reality faced by patients with pressure ulcers. Their study found that individuals suffering from pressure wounds experience a significantly reduced quality of life in every dimension of daily living. This is a sobering reminder of the importance of effective pressure care, especially for those who are seated for extended periods.

The Role of Repositioning and Pressure Equipment

It's a common belief that frequent repositioning alone can prevent pressure ulcers. However, as Sharp et al. (2019) pointed out, repositioning without the proper pressure equipment, including alternating air mattresses and cushions, will not suffice for adequate pressure care. This highlights the need for a comprehensive pressure wound prevention and treatment approach.

Highgate Healthcare's Pressure Care Solutions

Some individuals may be unable to feel or communicate the discomfort of a pressure injury, making detecting one more difficult. The focus on prevention in these cases is even more critical. Highgate Healthcare has been a trusted partner for Occupational Therapists in Adelaide for almost 40 years, offering high-quality solutions designed to address clients' unique needs.

The Configura Comfort for pressure relief

Those who are often seated for extended periods need high-functioning seating to support their needs and provide the best defence against the development of pressure ulcers. The Configura Comfort is a revolutionary electric recliner chair that aids in preventing and treating pressure wounds. Let's explore why this innovative chair is a game-changer in pressure care.


Tilt-In-Space Function

The tilt-in-space function of the Configura Comfort is a pivotal asset in pressure care. This feature redistributes the user's weight evenly across the seating surface, reducing concentrated pressure on vulnerable areas. It minimises shear and friction forces, common culprits in pressure ulcer development, while offering a comfortable and supportive posture. For those with limited mobility, it facilitates movement for pressure relief, enhancing circulation and reducing the risk of pressure ulcers. This customisable and adaptable function ensures tailored pressure care, promoting skin health and overall well-being for individuals who rely on extended periods of seated comfort.


Vapour-Permeable Fabric

Optimal skin health is paramount in preventing pressure wounds. The Configura Comfort's seat and backrest are made from a vapour-permeable fabric that allows airflow and moisture management. This design element helps keep the skin dry and minimises the risk of skin breakdown.

Reduced-Shear Recline

The chair's reduced-shear backrest recline is designed to retain pelvic stability, an essential factor in pressure wound prevention. It minimises friction and shear forces on the skin, reducing the risk of tissue damage.

Insert Your Own Cushion

The Configura Comfort integrates a self-supply overlay, making it easy to fit the user's preferred cushion without complications.


The Configura Comfort from Highgate Healthcare is a comprehensive pressure wound prevention and treatment solution. Its advanced features, customisable options, and user-friendly design empower individuals and caregivers to prioritise skin health and well-being.

If your client needs pressure care and maximal postural support, We recommend the Configura Advance chair. This chair has the same pressure care functionality as the Configura Comfort, with increased consideration for postural support. Discover more about the configura Advance in this blog.

Compatible Pressure Relief Cushions

In addition to their seating options, Highgate Healthcare offers a range of pressure relief cushions. The Configura Cushion Air and EquaGel cushions are innovative products that play a vital role in preventing and treating pressure ulcers. These cushions are designed with advanced technology to distribute pressure evenly, reducing the risk of tissue damage in high-pressure areas. Both the Configura Comfort and the Configura Advance have a self-supply overlay, making it easy to fit in these cushions and keep the clean look of the chair.

Equagel - The Protector

The EquaGel Protector Cushion is ideal for those with limited mobility or who need to sit for extended periods. The Protector is 2 inches of patented EquaGel with a 1" trochanter bucket sculpted in for stability and comfort; followed by a 1/2" stability foam base. EquaGel is a unique dry-polymer gel with a rubbery texture, distinguishing it from conventional liquids. Its exceptional tensile and compression strength make it stand out. Particularly impressive is its ability to undergo column buckling – when a wall of gel can only support a limited load, it buckles under pressure and transfers the weight to adjacent walls for reinforcement. This instantaneous "buckling and weight-passing" process repeats until the entire pressing weight's surface area is evenly supported by an ample number of walls, irrespective of its shape. Consequently, it ensures that areas prone to pressure sores experience minimal pressure, allowing the client's weight to be distributed evenly across the cushion.



The CushionAir system provides the highest level of pressure relief. It's designed as a dynamic pressure-relieving solution, recommended for users dealing with pressure damage or those with an increased risk of developing pressure wounds. Its defining feature is the alternating inflation and deflation of its cells, delivering pressure relief through cyclic changes in loading and unloading.


To facilitate user comfort, the cushion features an adjustable dial on the pump, allowing for a range of settings from soft to firm. Importantly, this adjustment isn't solely determined by the user's weight but is primarily tailored to individual preferences.

The video below discusses the pressure care features of the Configura Comfort and shows how to install cushions into the self supply overlay.

Highgate Healthcare is committed to creating thoughtful products. The Configura Comfort, Configura Advance, CushionAir, and EquaGel cushions offer practical solutions to mitigate the risk of pressure ulcers.

Let's continue to prioritise pressure wound care for seated individuals and explore the innovative solutions that Highgate Healthcare brings. By working together, we can enhance the quality of life for our clients and reduce the burden of pressure ulcers in our communities.


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