Weighing Scale for Ceiling Hoists and Floor Lifter

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Designed for hoists that have coat hanger-shaped spreader bars. The scale has a 200kg capacity and graduations are to 100g, which means bedbound patients or patients unable to walk can be weighed with a scale that simply clips to your hoist.

Simple to operate - lift the patient and weigh. Body Mass Index Function. Safety clips to secure sling straps.

Hold of weight feature. Class III Approval.

SKU: LN-6064
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
• Lightweight hoist/lifter attachment that fits most sling support
• Simple to operate
• Body mass index function
• Hold of weight feature
• Safety clips to secure sling straps
• Class 111 approval

Detailed Specification
• Height: 180mm
• Length: 640mm
• Depth: 160mm
• Capacity: 200kg
• Graduation: 100g
• Weight of Scale: 6kg
• Power Supply: Rechargeable Battery (charger supplied)
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Product Brochure Preventive Maintenance

ISO 10535 | 6 Month Inspection