Stretcher - Romedic Mini

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Romedic mini stretcher: Lightweight, flexible plastic stretcher with 11 handles for easy transport. Ideal for confined spaces. 1350 x 430mm. Shop now!
SKU: LX-5381
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
• Ideal for the many challenges associated with lifting patients onto ambulance stretchers, or for awkward locations such as stairs, toilets, narrow spaces etc.
• Can be used for both sitting and horizontal transfers
• Ideal for transfers to and from an ambulance stretcher
• Flexible board adapts to the shapes of ambulance stretchers so they can remain under patients for the entire journey
• Easy to slide underneath the patient
• Light padding and neck support ensures maximum comfort for the patient
• Waterproof and washable plastic surface is very durable and easy to clean, fulfilling all stringent medical hygiene requirements
• Durable handles assist secure gripping and safe lifting of heavy clients .
Detailed Specification
• Width: 430mm
• Length: 1350mm
• Max User Weight: 150kg