Non-skid Slippers - Wet/Dry, Shower/Pool

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The non-skid slippers are suitable for wet/dry areas such as the shower or pool. These are recommended for patients who require footwear whilst in aquatic rehab where the floors have texture.

Size: Medium

SKU: FF-070P : FF-0705
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
• Recommend use for patients requiring footwear in aquatic rehab pools and floors that have any texture
• Ideal for shower or aquatic pool use
• Loose knit nylon lets water run through
• Nylon mesh upper dries quickly when wet and will not hold water
• Stretchable nylon uppers
• Latex free rubber sole
• Non skid protection when dry
• Supplied in pairs
Additional Information

Medium, Medium/Large, Large

Detailed Specification
FF 0700
• Size: Small
• Women Shoe Size: 4-5 AUS (6-7 US)
• Men Shoe Size: N/A

FF 0705
• Size: Medium
• Women Shoe Size: 5-7 AUS (7-8 US)
• Men Shoe Size: 4-7 AUS (5-7 US)

FF 0710
• Size: Large
• Women Shoe Size: 8-10 AUS (9-11 US)
• Men Shoe Size: 8-10 AUS (8-10 US)

FF 0715
• Size: XLarge
• Women Shoe Size: N/A
• Men Shoe Size: 10-11 AUS (10-11 US)

FF 0720
• Size: XXLarge
• Women Shoe Size: N/A
• Men Shoe Size: 12-13 AUS (12-13 US)