Turning Sheet - Patient Lifter

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Buy Turning Sheet - Patient Lifter - Ideal for incontinent, bedridden users who need turning often. Patient Handling Equipment - Manual Transfer - Shop Now!
SKU: LX-4409
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
• Ideal for incontinent, bedridden users who need turning often
• Turning process is calm and gentle and the load is spread over the entire body area
• To be placed on top of friction reducing products such as a slide sheet, WendyLett Sheet etc., depending on the needs of the client
• Ideal for holding a heavier client in a lateral position e.g. when assisting with personal hygiene or dressing wounds
• Brushed polyester top surface is soft and gentle for maximum comfort
• Super absorbent material makes it very practical for incontinent users
• Sheet surface always feels dry to lie on, which assists in the prevention of pressure sores
• A polyurethane membrane barrier on the underside prevents moisture from being transferred to the sheet and mattress
• Consists of two parts, making the lower part is easy to change
• Strong straps and clips for secure attachment to bed frame or hoist sling bar
• Satisfies high hygiene requirements and is washable at 90°C.
Detailed Specification
• Width: 1400mm
• Length: 1440mm