High safety mat for Accora FloorBeds

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The high safety mat is a critical component of any falls management equipment, offering reliable protection for service users who are prone to falling out of bed. 

SKU: BE-8390
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding

The high safety mat is specifically designed to be used with all Accora profiling FloorBeds (FloorBed 1, FloorBed 2) at their lowest height. It serves as an essential safety feature by providing an extended surface that is the same height as the bed and a standard mattress.

This design ensures that in the event of a fall, service users can safely roll onto the mat, offering reliable protection and a sense of security. This may contribute to reduced sleep disruptions, as individuals feel safer and more at ease throughout the night.

It can also be used in conjunction with our other profiling beds to reduce the risk of injury should an unplanned exit from the bed occur.

Detailed Specification

Mat is approximatley the same height as the bed frame in combination with a standard mattress

  • Width: 75 cm
  • Length: 200 cm