Aria+ Mattress | King Single

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The Aria+ by Enable Lifecare uses the latest air cell technology to formulate the latest pressure care mattress. The mattress above is the Aria+ mattress in a king single size. 
SKU: PR-6784
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
Experience a hybrid air mattress that responds instantly to patient repositioning, effortlessly equalising pressure areas. For those at lower risk and dealing with up to level 2 pressure injuries, the Aria+ stands as a standalone solution. However, when paired with the Aria+ Pump, it becomes a powerful tool for delivering comfort, prevention, and treatment for category 3 and 4 pressure wounds. With these two versatile options, the Aria+ offers unparalleled value and cost-effectiveness.

This mattress boasts an intelligent design, comprising a foam head cell and a series of 5 pairs of transverse air cells. Each of these air cells houses a specially profiled foam insert, all snugly nestled within a foam U core and protected by a vapour-permeable waterproof cover. At the head, a single foam pillow end ensures comfort. The transverse cells are meticulously organised into alternating pairs of A and B cells, filling and emptying in a harmonious sequence.

  • Heel Relief
  • Side Wall Support
  • Welded Seams
  • Zone Zero Heel Elevation
  • Add pump to increase Category 4 treatment

Discover the Aria+ Hybrid Pressure Care Mattress – where innovation and practicality redefine comfort and care.
Detailed Specification

Dimensions: 107x200x18cm
SWL: 36 stone / 230kg