Empresa Complex Needs Bed | Long Single, Arc Timber

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The product featured above is an Empresa Complex Needs bed, long single-sized bed (90x220cm) in the colour Arc Timber. This bed comes with fabric side rails.
SKU: BD-4000-KS-D.06
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
The Empresa Complex Needs Bed has been created to help carers to support a diverse range of needs without compromising safety and efficiency.

The Complex Needs Bed can give carers ease of mind as the bed has added protection to help residents prevent falls. 

The Empresa's BodyMoveTM autoregression feature accommodates to suit the patient's needs. When a patient moves from a supine to a seated position, the body lengthens. This feature helps to redistribute pressure and enhances wound support

Complex Needs Bed Features:
• Pre-programmed one-touch care
• 800mm bed height
• Lockout feature
• Auto safety-stop
• Adjustable side rails
Detailed Specification
Width: 90cm
Length: 220cm
Mattress Platform Height: 100mm to 800mm
Unisafe Braking System: 2 sets of brakes, each secure 4 castors
Castor Diameter: 63mm
Backrest Max. Angle: 70 Degrees
Legrest Max Angle: 36 Degrees
Safe Working Load: 275kg
Max. Patient Weight: 240kg
Bed Weight: 120kg
Warranty: frame, 10 years | electric/parts 3 years