Configura Comfort Right Dropdown Armrest in Vinyl, Medium & Large

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SKU: CS-9144
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding

The Configura Dropdown Armrests facilitate seamless side transfers onto a wheelchair, commode, bed etc.
The drop-down armrest can be easily fitted on either the left- or right-hand side. They can be retrofitted fitted to any of the existing Configura Comfort chairs and come in Duratek fabric or vinyl.  
When mounting the Configura drop-down armrest for promoting side transfers, we recommend that you set the chair rise angle to 2 degrees, so you can get the chair to the same height of the wheelchair, commode, bed etc. then lower the armrest and commence with the seamless side transfer.

Detailed Specification

Size: Medium & Large 
Style: Vinyl fabric 
Side: Right