Black Vinyl Configura Comfort - Large

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The high-quality Configura Comfort Chair has the latest innovation, providing an unprecedented level of functionality & reliability with high-quality materials.
SKU: CL-5445
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
The Configura Comfort electric rise recliner chair is a highly specialised and carefully designed seating solution developed to provide optimal comfort to users with mild to moderate postural requirements. This chair aids in the reduction of pressure wound formation and assists users with limited mobility to stand or sit comfortably.

The tilt-in-space function of the Configura Comfort is a pivotal asset in pressure care. This feature redistributes the user's weight evenly across the seating surface, reducing concentrated pressure on vulnerable areas. It minimises shear and friction forces, common culprits in pressure ulcer development while offering a comfortable and supportive posture.

Standout features of the Configura Comfort

• 'Reduced shear' recline to maximise pelvic stability
• Pressure-reducing fabric on the backrest and armrest as standard
• Integrated self-supply overlay for easy integration of existing cushions
• Colour-matched vapour permeable vinyl
• Compatible with most transfer aids
• Castors for easy manoeuvrability
• Knock-down design for more accessible storage and single-person delivery
• Ability to further customise your chair with our range of Configura Accessories
• Dual motor allows you to operate the leg rest and backrest independently
• Easy-to-use handset
Detailed Specification

• Seat Height: 457mm
• Seat Width: 559mm
• Seat Depth: 457mm or 508mm
• Armrest Height: 180mm
• Overall Height: 1143mm
• Overall Width: 812mm
• Overall Length - Upright Position: 940mm
• Overall Length - Recline Position: 1702mm
• Chair to Wall/ Furniture: 483mm