Configura Advance Mobile High Care Chair

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The Configura Advance is a highly configurable specialist chair. With innovative new features and improved standard features typically associated with these types of chairs, it is a cost-effective seating solution for complex and challenging seating needs.
SKU: CH-5435
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
The Configura Advance chair is a versatile and adaptable seating solution designed to cater to a wide range of user needs. Whether you’re looking for a chair for non-ambulant users, individuals with limited knee extension, or those with complex postural requirements, the Configura Advance chair has you covered.

One of the highlights of the Advance chair is its transformative ability to be suitable for uses of many different ages, shapes and sizes. The height, depth, and width can be adjusted to find the perfect fit for individual requirements.

The Configura Advance has features to cater for users with complex posture requirements and pressure care needs, including a removable footplate with angle and height-adjustment options as standard, Postural backrest upgrade option to support more complex postural requirements, pressure-reducing fabric and continuous overlay for thigh support, integrated self-supply overlay (fit your own pressure cushion), and lockable, reduced-shear backrest recline to maximize pelvic stability.

  • 37 degrees of tilt in space and full-length compensating legrest
  • Lockable, reduced shear backrest recline to maximize pelvic stability
  • Tool-less adjustments, with a ClickLock adjustment system
  • Upgradeable backrest options
  • Removable, angle and height-adjustable footplate as standard
  • Visco integrated self-supply cushion as standard, aperture dimensions 17.5 x 17.5 x 3 in
  • Drop-down armrest option – helps with transfers and sling insertion
  • Forward tilt option (standard on electrically operated chairs)
  • Electric option available: CH-5440
Detailed Specification
  • Fabric: Vinyl fabric with VP on all contact areas
  • Seat width options: 350 mm (14 in) – 550 mm (22 in)
  • Seat depth options: 400 mm (16 in) – 550 mm (22 in)
  • Seat height: 609mm (24") standard, 533mm (21") (lower frame mounting)
  • Footplate height options: 330 mm (13 in) – 530 mm (21 in)
  • 37 degrees of tilt-in-space
  • 130 degrees backrest reline
  • 10 degrees of forward tilt
  • Weight capacity: 160 kg (25 st)
  • Mechanism: manual tilt-in-space