Eleganza 2 Linet Bed

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Experience comfort & relaxation w/ Eleganza 2 Linet Bed. A high-quality bed is designed to provide superior support & comfort for a restful night's sleep.
SKU: BD-8350
NDIS Purchase Pathway HCP Equipment Funding
The Eleganza 2 hospital bed goes above and beyond the expected safety standards of the common bed. As the first bed of its kind, it has become the definition of the truly modern healthcare bed. It is equipped with many sophisticated functions, including smart properties, and is easily accessible to the broad spectrum of healthcare. This healthcare bed is highly practical and stylish and, thanks to its properties, meets all the requirements of each hospital ward. Eleganza 2 makes demanding day-to-day patient care easier and, due to its modern design, moves the quality of provided care to a higher level.

Key Features:
  • Pioneering mobilization - A detailed study of ergonomics has given rise to a handrail and integrated mobilift.
  • Indicator of safe position - At night, the change in backlighting to green can represent a highly intuitive and clear signaling of the lowest safe position of the bed.
  • Plastic mattress platform / X-Ray Ready Backrest
  • Urine bag holder - Practically located urine bag holder with angle adjustment.
  • Fixed adaptors in corners - The adaptors for lifting poles and infusion stands are located practically at the corners of the bed. Thanks to this, they are easily accessible and also do not obstruct the patient.
  • Universal holder for handset and equipment - The upper edge of the side rails is designed so that it is possible to locate a flexible handset holder.
  • Automatic halting of backrest at 30 Degrees - Practical automatic stop of backrest at the most frequently used angle of 30°.
Detailed Specification
• External dimensions: 223 cm x 99.5 cm 
• Bed Height (Hi-Lo adjustment): 39.5 cm - 77.5 cm 
• Internal dimension / (compatible with mattress width): 200 × 90 cm / (90 and 86 cm) 
• SWL: 250 kg
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Preventive Maintenance

IEC 60601 | 12 Month Inspection