Fall Prevention Alarm - Posey Keepsafe Essential

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Recommended for use to alert staff when patients attempt to exit bed, chair or toilet seat unattended. A magnet and pull-cord attaches to patients clothing. Can be used on bed, chair or toilet. The cord is adjustable from 790mm to 1520mm with locking clip. Option for tone and / or voice alarm. Features five alarm tones, pre-recorded voice message, adjustable volume and battery operated with 4 ‘AAA’ batteries. SUSPEND allows extra time for administering care without alarm activation.
SKU: FA-1115
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Are you concerned about the safety of your patients in bed, chair, or toilet situations? Look no further! The Posey Fall Prevention Alarm - Keepsafe Essential is ideal for healthcare facilities, including aged and disability care, hospitals, and residential care settings. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, this falls alarm is a must-have for alerting staff when patients attempt to exit their bed, chair, or toilet seat unattended.


Stay in Control with the Posey Falls Alarm


Easy Attachment 

Our fall alarm comes with a convenient magnet and pull-cord that securely attaches to the patient's clothing, ensuring constant monitoring and immediate response in case of attempted exits. 

Versatile Use 

Whether for a bed, chair, or toilet, the Posey Falls Alarm adapts seamlessly to any setting, providing reliable protection wherever it's needed. 

Adjustable Cord 

The alarm features an adjustable cord, ranging from 790mm to 1520mm, ensuring a comfortable fit for patients of different heights. The locking clip keeps the cord securely in place for added safety.

 Customisable Alerts 

With the option to choose between tone and voice alarm, you can select the most effective alert system for your facility. The Posey Falls Alarm offers five alarm tones, allowing for a pre-recorded voice message to enhance patient care further.

 Adjustable Volume

 Our falls alarm accommodates varying noise levels in different environments. You can easily adjust the volume settings to ensure audibility without causing unnecessary disturbance. 


The Posey Falls Alarm operates on four 'AAA' batteries, providing long-lasting power and eliminating the need for constant charging. With its energy-efficient design, you can consistently rely on the alarm to protect your patients. 

SUSPEND Feature 

We understand that caregivers need time to administer care without triggering unnecessary alarms. The SUSPEND feature allows for extra time, giving caregivers the necessary flexibility to ensure patient safety.


Invest in the Posey Falls Alarm Today

Don't compromise when it comes to patient safety. The Posey Falls Alarm offers unparalleled reliability and functionality to effectively alert your staff of unattended incidents. Its versatile applications, customisable alerts, and user-friendly design make it the perfect falls alarm for healthcare facilities, including aged care, hospitals, and residential care settings.

Protect your patients, maintain peace of mind, and create a safer environment with the Posey Fall Prevention Alarm - Keepsafe essential. Order now and experience the difference it can make in patient care.