Preventive Maintenance and Repairs

Asset Management

Using the Highgate Healthcare Asset Management System gives you the peace of mind that your fleet is being maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s standards. It also ensures clarity within your organisation with clear service history and lifespan reports on your assets. With our system you can determine the expected lifespan remaining on each asset, the lifespan of assets by category (for use in forecasting CAPEX) also with the capability of a custom built reports to suit.

The factory trained service team

has many years of experience, from beds and trolleys to floor and ceiling hoists giving you the highest level of service the first time. We are able to quickly respond to your calls in our 4hr* response time.

At Highgate, our technicians put the needs and dignity of the resident first and foremost.

The technicians understand and appreciate how the resident and nursing staff may be inconvenienced whilst a product is out of service.

  • Complete asset management and reporting
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Break down repairs
  • Online access to service reports

If you have an NDIS Plan

Service bookings are used to set aside funding for an NDIS registered provider for a support or service they will deliver. Service bookings are not the same as service agreements. Providers claim payments against the service booking in the myplace portal. A service booking will show the type of support to be provided, the length of time it is needed, and sets aside funding to pay for the support or service. Service bookings can be made by you, your nominee or NDIS registered provider in the myplace portal.

  • If your NDIS funds are self-managed - You don’t need to use service bookings because you pay your providers directly.
  • If your NDIS funds are plan-managed - Your Plan Manager will make one service booking on the myplace portal, which allows the plan manager to claim payment from the NDIS for all services and supports in your plan. In this case, both NDIS registered and unregistered providers can be included in the service booking.
  • If your NDIS funds are NDIA-managed - You will need to give your NDIS registered service providers your NDIS number, date of birth and surname and the relevant support areas you have been funded for, so your providers can receive payment. You need to have service bookings in place so your provider can claim payment through the myplace portal.

Changing a service booking

A service booking can only be changed on the myplace portal before the end date of the service booking.

Cancelling a service booking

You can end a service booking on the myplace portal before the end date of the service booking. When the service booking is cancelled, any unspent money allocated for that service will be refunded back to your budget.