The OSKA 3C Concept

The OSKA Story

OSKA are the pressure care experts. OSKA supplies innovative and world-renowned pressure care mattresses to aged care homes, hospitals, hospices and individual’s homes in Europe and Australia. The OSKA mattress is known as one of the best when it comes to pressure care that makes a difference to the lives of patients.


The OSKA Team

OSKA consists of a team of dedicated pressure care specialists that are committed to changing lives through high-quality pressure care. Specialising in everything from tissue viability to product design for the care sector, OSKA is able to deliver outstanding pressure care mattresses that make a big difference.

The 3C Concept

OSKA recognises everyone has different needs and preferences, especially when it comes to a mattress that has to provide a good night’s sleep and prevent or treat pressure wounds.

Selecting a mattress is a balancing act between 3 key factors - Clinical, Comfort and Cost Effectiveness. Depending on the patient’s condition, each of the factors hold a different level of importance.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Focus on shear and pressure reduction


  • Patient comfort is paramount
  • Ideal for palliative and dementia care
  • Holistic care
  • Eliminate non-compliance


  • Reduce use of expensive mattresses
  • Reduce electricity, servicing and repair costs
  • Reduce risk of litigation costs.

The OSKA pressure care mattress and innovation

The OSKA mattresses are using the latest in innovation when it comes to pressure care. They are tested by MDPP in South Australia.

Some of the innovative features that the OSKA mattress range has (not all are included in each mattress).


The OFFLOADER™ function can be used to suspend the heel for ‘zero pressure’ making it suitable as an aid in the prevention and treatment of heel ulcers up to and including category 4.

Heel Relief Slope

The mattress is crafted with a decline at the foot end, this assists in the prevention of pressure ulcers in one of the most vulnerable areas on the body.

Fire Evacuation Base

In the event of a fire, use the mattress to help evacuate your patient with the unique and innovative evacuation straps. Carry handles are located on the outer side of the mattress to allow you to move your patient safely.


Designed to significantly reduce shear and friction which often leads to tissue damage. The base foam remains in position on the bed frame, whilst the top moves with the user.

V-Guard Technology

The mattress covers technology can withstand aggressive cleaning regimes, exhibit anti-decubitus properties, give improved durability and improve patient comfort.

CPR Valve

The CPR valve can be released when CPR is being performed. It quickly deflates the mattress giving a hard surface in order to carry out the procedure.

Welded Seams

Regular sewn seams are ideal for bacteria to grow in because of all the holes. Welded seams are melted or welded together using high frequency vibrations meaning there are no holes or gaps for bacteria to get into. This helps reduce the spreading of infection.