Expert Therapists, Personalized Care

A very significant amount of healthcare in Australia is provided by secondary care – that is a wide range of therapists who care for people with serious injuries or long-term conditions. Healthcare professionals including physiotherapists and occupational therapists offer treatments within hospitals and in the community.

Highgate Healthcare provides a wide range of products and services for healthcare therapists. This includes products suitable for in-home use and within a clinical environment. With more than 6,500 products to choose from, we source the best and more innovative products from around the world.

We are able to provide therapists with individual products or complete fit-out packages, and our team of experts is able to provide recommendations on the best products for each circumstance. We also provide training and ongoing product maintenance.

“Therapists are very often in an excellent position to know exactly what kind of support their client needs, and we work with them to ensure they have the right products to manage their condition and get the most out of life.”