COVID19 | Coronavirus

Highgate Healthcare are monitoring the escalating coronavirus situation very carefully to ensure continuity of service, and the wellbeing of staff, customers and stakeholders. There are 4 key areas of focus as follows:

Supply Chain

Our products are sourced out of multiple factories across the globe, enabling continuity of supply in the case of any factory being closed. We carry significant buffer stocks of all common products.

We are working with factory staff to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission, supplying face masks and hand sanitiser where required.


The World Health Organisation considers that the risk of transmission via product surfaces is low and Higg=hgate Healthcare believes that existing cleaning regimes are sufficient to minimise risk.

Please contact us for more details on our cleaning recommendations.

Our People

Our Coronavirus Policy covers what would happen should the spread of infection escalate, or a member of staff is suspected of being infected with the virus.

Overseas business travel has been suspended. Any staff taking overseas holidays are requested to seek permission to return to work, self-quarantining if necessary.

All our IT and telephone systems are cloud-based, enabling all staff to work remotely, with no loss of business continuity.

We are contingency planning an office shutdown to ensure business continuity.

Home / Facility Visits

This includes an expectation that we do not carry out visits where the client has been to a heavily infected area recently or if the user has suspected coronavirus.

Product Specialists carrying out joint visits are empowered to make the decision whether to go ahead with a visit if they suspect infection.

All staff in field-based roles are being provided with hand sanitising gel for use before and after all appointments.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update further as necessary.