The Stand-Aid That Supports Rehabilitation: The Oxford Up 200

As an Occupational Therapist, you know that the ultimate goal of rehabilitation is to help your clients regain their independence and lead fulfilling lives. One way to achieve this is by utilising healthcare equipment, including active lifters.

Active lifters, also known as standing hoists, stand aids or standing lifters, are devices that aid in transfers, positioning, and mobility. They provide support and stability for individuals who experience difficulty with daily living activities, such as getting in and out of bed or a chair. Active lifters differ from passive lifters because lifting with an active lifter requires the user to contribute effort to the lift. Passive lifters are most suitable for users who are immobile or are unable to contribute to the lifting process.

Oxford Up In use

In healthcare environments like residential care or for clients at home, standing hoists or passive lifters are necessary to aid people with disabilities or elderly residents with limited or no mobility in their movements.

If you have a client who needs some assistance to stand, the Oxford Up stand-aid is a fantastic choice. The Oxford Up 200 has been designed for patients who need assistance standing but can still participate effort to the lift. The Oxford Up 200 helps patients lift and transfer effortlessly with its sturdy frame and reinforced mast while promoting independence and rehabilitation.


Key Features of the Oxford Up 200:

  • Safe working load of 200kg, suitable for a wide range of patients of many sizes

  • Quick and easy disassembly into three parts for compact storage and transportation

  • Adjustable, extra-wide leg spread for easy access around furniture like commode frames and armchairs

  • Comfortable contoured swing-away seat pads for easy access

  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and effortless use

Oxford Up Features Block

The Up 200 is a portable stand aid made with a combination of steel and aluminium framework that surpasses all relevant design and regulatory standards. It disassembles easily into three components, making it perfect for tight spaces in small homes and facilities. Reassembling takes just a few seconds to make it ready to use as needed.

The Oxford Up 200 has an ergonomic design with large grab handles, making it simple to get into the correct position. This provides a supported standing position to help build confidence. The legs are adjustable to navigate around furniture, and the seat pads are contoured for comfort and swing outwards for easy access.

With a safe working load of 200kg, the Oxford Up puts safety first. The design prioritises injury reduction, fall prevention, and ergonomic principles. Its single upright mast and fully contained footplate eliminate the risk of toes overhanging the edge. The large multi-point push handle makes it easy for the caregiver to manoeuvre, and the foot push pad helps generate forward momentum. The adjustable leg opening, swing-away seat pads, and knee support provide comfort for the patient.

The high-grade castors offer excellent manoeuvrability on various floor surfaces, making transfers smooth and comfortable for the patient and caregiver. The centralised, singular upright mast results in smoother transitions over room thresholds and different floor types and reduces vibrations felt through the seat pads, making transfers more comfortable for patients.


5 tips for a successful standing lift:

  1. Get close to the load

  2. Use a stable, wide base

  3. Grasp firmly and comfortably

  4. Keep the spine neutral

  5. Make movements smooth

Oxford Up Stand Process

What makes the Oxford Up 200 Different?

The latest iteration of the Oxford Up 200 has undergone several improvements since the previous iteration, including:

  • New ergonomic design

  • Robust frame suitable for a variety of patients

  • Quick and easy disassembly

  • Increased durability

  • New grab handle shape for greater support and comfort

Oxford Up Feature List

The Oxford Up 200 will meet your patient's needs with its best-in-class functionality, accessible storage, and support for various patient heights. Take advantage of the journey to independence and improved mobility.

Oxford Up angle and side on

If the Oxford Up 200 is a suitable patient lifter for your client, call us on 1300 350 350 to book a trial in our Adelaide showroom.


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