The best non-slip socks for hospital and residential care

High-quality non-slip socks can make a real difference in providing extra protection against slips and falls amongst residents in hospital and aged care facilities. With over 60 years of experience, Posey is a leader in healthcare and fall prevention. That’s why they’re the only brand we trust to provide our customers with the best non-slip socks and improve fall prevention practices across hospitals and aged care.


What makes Posey non-skid socks the best on the market?

Colour range


There are many differences to spot when it comes to Posey socks. The first one we would like to discuss is the colours. We’ve chosen to stock colours green, orange and red to coordinate with the traffic light fall-risk system used in many hospitals. Easily Identify low, moderate and high-risk fall patients.


Non-slip surround


Posey socks have a skid-resistant rubber tread both the bottom and the top of the sock. This has been designed to account for sock rotation and will provide protection, not matter what position the sock is in.


Oedema friendly


The large size of Poesy’s non-slip socks is designed without an elastic band at the top. This relieves pressure for patients with oedema.


No heel


Posey socks are designed without a specific heel section. This allows to fit a range of different foot shapes and sizes. This is perfect for bulk ordering and always having stock available for patients.


Extra length


Made from a soft terrycloth material, the Posey non-slip socks are designed with extra length to provide stronger stay-on power, added warmth and breathability. They are latex free and washable.


There are so many great features that make Posey the brand of choice for so many hospitals when it comes to fall prevention. Check out our range of Posey socks today.